Environmental Disputes


The Environmental Disputes Practice has extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of environmental and health rights lawsuits relating to environment pollution of air, water, soil, carbon emissions, toxic wastes and purification of environment pollution. The Practice covers the field in representing and resolving disputes involving the environment. Whether it be advising clients involving construction infringement suits on blocking of natural light or claims to cancel permits to build a nuclear power plant, or claims for damages due to soil pollution, noise or vibration, our team of experts have the experience and technical capability to advise clients in all aspects of litigation involving the environment.

Key Services

The Practice provides advice with respect to the following.

  • Environmental disputes, including on how to respond to environmental disputes and sanctions imposed by the Ministry of Environment and other regulatory authorities and administrative/criminal procedures
  • Environmental issues, including soil pollution, noise, vibration, wastes, greenhouse gas emission trading scheme, release of hot waste water and damages claim of fishery right incurred from construction of estuary bank or sea wall 
  • Criminal and civil cases, including arbitration suits related to environmental damages.
  • Automobile manufacturers in a lawsuit filed by bronchial asthma patients in Korea seeking compensation and injunction on air pollutants emission against the Korean government and seven automakers
  • A client in a lawsuit seeking cancellation of greenhouse gas emission rights allocation plan and allocation disposition
  • A client in a lawsuit seeking damages caused by oil contamination accident in the coastal waters of Taean
  • A client in a lawsuit seeking damages associated with environmental contamination on the site for the Trans-Korea Pipeline
  • A client in a lawsuit seeking cancellation of preliminary approval for the Yeonggwang Nuclear Power Plant site and its construction permit
  • A client in a lawsuit seeking damages caused by hot water discharged from Uljin Nuclear Power Plant
  • A client in a lawsuit seeking damages associated with the construction of Geum-gang estuary bank, Hongseong sea wall, Seosan sea wall and Goheung-man sea wall
  • A client in a lawsuit filed with the National Environmental Dispute Resolution Commission on environmental pollution due to the Youngdong thermoelectric power plant
  • A client in a lawsuit seeking compensation for loss incurred from soil pollution due to oil pipes and oil storages
  • A client in lawsuits and injunction cases related to breach of environmental rights and health rights caused by environmental contamination
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