Corporate Investigation & White Collar Crime


The Corporate Investigation & White Collar Crime team at Shin & Kim is staffed with attorneys and other professionals with market-leading expertise in criminal defense and white collar crime. The team consists of former judges, former prosecutors, and specialists with substantial experience in the police department. Each team member holds a wealth of experience in connection with criminal investigations and trial-level and appellate-level litigation proceedings. Professionals of the team work in close collaboration with the firm’s accomplished experts in various practices and industry specialists including CPAs and tax accountants. The team has represented clients in highly complex anti-corruption, financial crimes, antitrust, unfair labor practices, tax evasion, trade secrets, privacy law violations and other general corporate criminal matters. The team is committed to providing the best legal service and advice that are specifically tailored to each client at all stages of respective investigations and enforcement processes in the areas of corporate investigations and white collar defense.

Key Services

Shin & Kim offers the following services in connection with Corporate Investigation & White Collar Crime:

  • Accounting fraud, embezzlement and breach of duty 
  • Tax evasion such as corporation tax, etc.
  • Violation of the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act such as market price manipulation, use of confidential and important information, fraudulent illegal transactions, etc.
  • Illegal acceptance of money and valuables such as bribery, provision/acceptance of bribe, etc. 
  • Unfair trade practices such as collusive bidding, etc.
  • Labor cases such as unfair labor practices, delay in payment of wages, etc.
  • Professional negligence resulting in death or injury caused by industrial accidents and violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights such as infringement of trade secrets
  • Concealment of criminal proceeds, illegal transfer of property to a foreign country, etc.
  • Representation of Company K and others in an acceptance of bribery case
  • Representation of Construction companies in a tender collusion case
  • Representation of H Group, S Group, G Group, a Construction company, a Finance firm, a Savings bank, a Golf club, S Zone, an Industrial Development company, steel manufacturers (Company K and Company H), a Landscaping company, D Systems, etc. in breach of trust and embezzlement cases involving employees and executives
  • Representation of H Newspaper, a Pharmaceutical company and a Technology company in tax evasion cases
  • Representation of a Technology company and a Tender company in a case of the use of confidential and important information involving representative directors
  • Representation of listed companies on KOSPI, KOSDAQ or KONEX such as a Biomedicine company, an Investment Securities company, an Entertainment company, an Asset Management company, Company E, etc. in the cases of violation of the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act
  • Representation of a chairman of U Group in a market price manipulation case
  • Representation of Y C&F, H Bank, Company L in unfair collaborative practice cases
  • Representation of Company K and others in a false and deceptive advertising case
  • Representation of a Silicon company, a Technology company, Company P, Company D, an Asset Management company, an Industrial company, Global firm S in infringement of trade secrets and unfair competition cases
  • Representation of Company J and Company D in a Trademark Act violation case and representation of Company B in an infringement of music copyright case
  • Representation of Company M in a delay in payment of wages case
  • Representation of a major Construction company in a case of violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Clean Air Conservation Act
  • Consultation and representation of a Construction company, an Energy company, a Design company, an Industrial company and YG Entertainment in criminal prosecution (appellate-level)