IP Prosecution & Technology Analysis



The Intellectual Property Prosecution practice at Shin & Kim, structured with experienced professionals, provides high quality patent services and comprehensive and efficient solutions required for clients to manage intellectual property rights in the research & development field. The services of the practice include conducting searches on prior technology, technology analysis, technological trend analysis and market research as well as advising on applications for and registration of patents, trademarks and designs for domestic and foreign clients. The Intellectual Property Prosecution team also provides full range services from registration of intellectual property rights to the application of patented technology to the applicable business following registration, enabling our clients to enhance productivity in managing intellectual property rights.

Further, our Intellectual Property Prosecution team provides professional one-stop services for the protection of patents through collaboration between patent attorneys and other intellectual property specialized attorneys, which include services related to patent applications, disputes, lawsuits and judgments. The Intellectual Property Prosecution team at Shin & Kim takes pride in its strength in efficiently processing patent applications through experts with knowledge specific to various overseas jurisdictions and a number of English, Chinese and Japanese translators and other personnel dedicated to managing overseas patent applications.

In addition to legal services, the diversity of experts and professionals in the Intellectual Property Prosecution team enables the team to provide patent training and consulting services to clients on a wide range of topics, including the preparation of patent specifications, introduction of judicial precedents, patent systems at home and abroad, employee inventions and responding to patent infringement.

Key Services

Shin & Kim provides services in the following areas in relation to intellectual property prosecution:

  • Technology review for inventions in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, communications, semiconductors and related fields (such as semiconductor design and manufacturing processes, displays, mobile communications, electrical circuits, internet and software and business models)
  • Technology review for inventions in other fields, including consumer electronics, metals, civil engineering, construction and related fields (such as general machinery, precision machinery, shipbuilding, plant, construction equipment, engines, medical machines, tools, mechatronics and automated equipment) 
  • Technology review for inventions in the fields of organic and inorganic chemistry, medicine and pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, macromolecules, cosmetics, chemical engineering processes and equipment and related fields
  • Domestic and foreign patent applications and registrations, and related research on prior-existing technology and patent analysis 
  • Trademark and design searches, filing for objections, responses and appraisals and representation in related lawsuits 
  • Samsung Display, in domestic and foreign patent applications for displays (OLED), operation methods and manufacturing methods for displays
  • SK Hynix, in domestic and foreign patent applications for semiconductor equipment, operation methods and related manufacturing methods, memory controllers and related systems
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries, in domestic and foreign patent applications for its LNG fuel propulsion system
  • LG Household & Health Care, in domestic and foreign patent applications for cosmetics containers using airless pumps
  • SECUI, in domestic and foreign patent applications for firewall/IPS/IDS/UTM network security solutions
  • Binggrae Co., Ltd., in domestic and foreign patent, trademark and design applications for “Binggrae” and “Merona,” among others
  • Hanwha Co., Ltd., in trademark applications for “Hanwha” and “Hanwha Q Cell,” among others
  • Kumho Asiana Group, in trademark and design applications for “AIR SEOUL,” among others
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, trademark and design applications for “Hyundai Heavy Industries” and “Hyundai Electric,” among others
  • Major domestic and foreign display manufacturers, on possible invalidation of patents in their possession
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries, on patents on energy saving equipment on vessels
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries, in patent analysis on next-generation construction machines, such as wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and excavators
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries, on patents on LGN membrane storage tanks and LNG carriers