Entertainment and Sports


Along with the emergence of the content industry as a new economic growth engine in Korea, the broadcasting, game, movie, music, and sports industries are coming into the spotlight. In addition, as the nation’s content industry, which is exemplified by the Korean Wave Phenomenon, continues to expand its influence into Japan, China, Asia, and North, Central and South America, these industries have become essential in the economic future of the nation.
Shin & Kim is the first major Korean law firm which established a team specializing in entertainment law. Since then, our team has taken a unique position in entertainment law by handling numerous entertainment disputes in Korea. We also have accumulated in-depth experience in the establishment of platforms for exporting domestic contents, various contracts and local disputes. Our Entertainment Practice Team is contributing to the creation of new precedents whenever legal issues of first impression arise and our team members are constantly honing their expertise to cope with changing policies and laws.

Key Services
  • Intellectual property issues and relating disputes including copyrights in the broadcasting, music, movie and performance industries. 
  • Contracts and transaction structures relating to broadcasting, music, movies and performances.
  • Transfer of broadcasting right and relating investments.
  • Investments and contracts relating to the program production by the outsourced productions. 
  • Contracts and relating disputes with respect to advertising contracts, performance contracts and artist employment contracts.
  • Contracts and relating disputes with respect to overseas and domestic performances.
  • Exclusive contracts and relating disputes with respect to entertainers and sports. 
  • Disputes over portrait rights and publicity rights of celebrities.
  • Defamation and privacy invasion cases of celebrities and reputation management on their SNS. 
  • Representation of a company in litigation with respect to Olympic broadcasting rights and World Cup broadcasting rights.
  • Representation of a company in contracts and relating disputes with respect to TV broadcasting rights for Major League Baseball and other sporting events.
  • Representation of a company in litigation with respect to overseas performances of the singer “Rain”.
  • Advice to a company on overseas remake contracts and copyright agreements including the drama “My Love From Another Star”.
  • Representation of a company in disputes over exclusive contracts including the TVXQ case.
  • Representation in civil and criminal litigation with respect to defamation on SNS including the case of Seongjoo Han.
  • Representation of entertainers in privacy issues including the case of Yucheon Park.
  • Representation in disputes involving athletes including disputes over the member selection process of the national team.