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For decades, Shin & Kim’s Russia and CIS Practice Group has successfully advised both public and private clients on many major projects and disputes in Russia and CIS countries. The Russia and CIS Practice Group is composed of both Korean and Russian lawyers who specialize in Russian matters. The Russia and CIS Practice Group is complemented by excellent local partner firms, with whom Shin & Kim has had long standing relationships. As such, the Russia and CIS Practice Group, together with such local partner firms, has a deep understanding of local laws and extensive experience in handling various projects in Russia and CIS countries. In addition, the Russia and CIS Practice Group has successfully handled various commercial and patent disputes in Russia and CIS countries with its local partner firms.

Key Services

Shin & Kim’s Russia and CIS Practice Group offers services in the following areas in relation to matters affecting Russia and CIS countries: 

  • Definitive agreements on all aspects of foreign investment transactions (preparation, negotiation and execution)
  • Agency services related to reporting to and filings with local government agencies, including the filing of foreign investment reports
  • Tax and administration procedures
  • Intellectual property rights and litigation representation for related disputes 
  • Acquisition of real estate and establishment of offices
  • Investment in development and facilities and project financing related to developing natural resources 
  • Arbitration of and overseas litigation representation for a wide range of legal matters
  • Company S, on licensing related to imports, sales and distribution of certain products in Russia
  • Company L, on the collection of Russian bonds
  • Company I, on the exercise of a stock put option related to its equity investment in Russia
  • Company H, on responding to a lawsuit filed by a Russian buyer
  • Company L, on exports of certain industrial products to Russia during international sanctions against Russia
  • Company K, on a line of credit transaction with a Russian bank during international sanctions against Russia
  • Company D, on concluding a Joint Venture Agreement in Russia
  • K-Water, on a Business Agreement with the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East and RusHydro (hydroelectricity company)
  • Company G, on Russian export insurance
  • Company S, on several contracts related to a local business project in Rostov, Russia
  • Construction Company K, on a construction arbitration case in Kazakhstan
  • Korea Western Power Co., Ltd., on coal terminal development project in Beira, a city in Vladivostok, Russia
  • Daewoo E&C, on the establishment of a Russian joint venture
  • Lotte Group, on a loan secured against office buildings and attached land in Russia
  • Korea Expressway Corporation, on a bid for a public social overhead capital (SOC) project in Russia
  • Korea Exchange Bank, on establishing a subsidiary bank in Russia
  • Samsung Electronics, on patent litigation regarding Dual SIM mobile phones in Russia
  • GS Marine, in a successful international commercial arbitration case (trade disputes over marine products) and provision of agency services in connection with the execution of the award
  • CJ E&M, on its M&A of a Russian online game company and legal due diligence on the target company
  • LG International Corp., on an equity participation contract for an exploration mine in Kazakhstan
  • Korea Telecom, on the acquisition of shares in NTC, a Russian communications company


Key Contacts