Latin America



Latin America, home of rich natural resources and human potential, has attracted global attention because of its infinite economic potential. As Korea has entered into trade agreements with Latin American countries, such as Chile in 2003 and Peru in 2010, Korean businesses have started to make inroads into the Latin American market.

Shin & Kim launched its Latin America Practice Group in 2010 to meet the increasing legal demand of Korean companies involved in the region in areas such as energy/resources, construction and infrastructure. The Latin America Practice Group supports Korean companies entering the Latin American market and provides effective advice on a variety of legal issues that may arise during business operations.

The Latin America Practice Group consists of Korean and foreign experts who have built experience over the years in a number of projects in Central and South America in areas such as M&A, finance, international disputes and energy/resources. In particular, Shin & Kim has established close relationships with a network of prestigious local law firms in Latin America, including firms in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Peru. The Latin America Practice Group provides unparalleled region-specific legal services in collaboration with local law firms and offers critical legal advice and practical solutions to allow Korean companies to effectively conduct business in Latin America.

Key Services

Shin & Kim’s Latin America Practice Group offers services in the following areas: 

  • Establishment of branch offices and local subsidiaries in Central and South America 
  • M&A transactions, asset transfers and business transfers of local businesses in Central and South America
  • Acquisitions, leases, development and investment in local real estate in Central and South America 
  • Bids for and execution of infrastructure and government procurement projects in Central and South America
  • Definitive agreement for all aspects of local investment, including the conclusion and negotiation of investment contracts and project financing with local partners in Central and South America
  • Agency services related to reporting to and filings with local government agencies, including the filing of foreign investment and foreign exchange reports
  • Licensing for resource development in Central and South America, such as exploitation rights and development rights, and consultation and agency services on acquisition procedures
  • Local taxation and tariff systems and relevant administrative procedures 
  • Disputes related to performance of local projects, including licensing rights related to resource development and intellectual property rights 
  • Investigations on anti-dumping and countervailing duties on behalf of clients 
  • International litigation and arbitration related to investment affecting the region
Resource Development
  • POSCO, on the development of a lithium mine in Argentina
  • Daewoo International, on a joint venture for copper mine exploration in Peru
  • KORES, GS Caltex and LG International Corp., on the establishment of a joint venture for a lithium development project in Argentina and share acquisitions of local subsidiaries
  • Korea Eximbank, on an export credit agency (ECA) financing regarding a Kelar gas-fired combined cycle power plant in Chile
  • KHNP, on the Molloco hydroelectric power plant project in Peru
  • SK E&C, on a bid for a petrochemical plant in Colombia
  • SK Networks, on the investment in a Brazilian iron ore miner (the largest investment in the history of Korean iron ore development (USD 700bn))
  • Daelim, on a waterworks public-private partnership (PPP) project in Peru
  • Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, on a social overhead capital (SOC) project in Ecuador
  • Lotte Data Communication Company and Samsung SDS, on a bid for a public transport system in Colombia
  • Korail, on a railway restoration project in Bolivia
  • Korea Trade Insurance Corporation, on short-term export insurance for certain accidents in Colombia
  • Hanwha, on its application for an objection against a trademark registration in Chile
  • Hyundai Engineering, on a power plant project in Colombia
  • Mando, on a joint venture in Brazil
  • Hyundai Elevator, on the establishment of a new local production corporation in Brazil

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