North-South Korea Relations



Shin & Kim has pioneered and established a leading practice in economic relations between South Korea and North Korea. The North-South Korea Relations Practice Group assists clients with investment in North Korea and its border regions as well as trade between the two Koreas. The North-South Korea Relations Group is also the leading practice group in advising on contentious matters arising out of such investments and trade as well as on issues related to real property and estates between North and South Korean citizens. The Group is comprised of more than ten dedicated professionals who have deep and substantive knowledge of North-South Korean relations. Many members have worked on transactions requiring them to travel to North Korea. Whether it be the Kaesong Industrial Complex, the Mount Kumgang tour area development or the Rajin-Khasan project, the North-South Korea Relations Practice Group has unparalleled experience and expertise in dealing with trans-Korean relations and business.

Moreover, the North-South Korea Relations Practice Group provides advice in various fields, including modification of the legal system to promote exchange between the two Koreas, studies on the integration of laws and legal systems of the two Koreas pre- and post-reunification, disputes over inheritance and real estate between residents of South Korea and North Korea and issues related to human rights of and humanitarian assistance to North Korean residents. Shin & Kim aims to offer specialized legal advice through professionals within the North-South Korea Relations Practice Group, who are experienced in various fields related to North-South Korea Relations.

Key Services

Shin & Kim’s North-South Korea Relations Practice Group offers services in the following areas: 

  • South Korean businesses investing in North Korea 
  • The South Korean government, the National Assembly and government agencies on legal system integration and economic cooperation
  • Businesses at the Kaesong Industrial Complex
  • Services to defectors from North Korea 
  • Inter-Korean legal issues, such as real estate, inheritance and family registration
  • Company H, on matters regarding the confiscation of assets in the Mount Kumkang District
  • Company K, a corporate tenant of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, in litigation support
  • The National Assembly, on legislating a special Act on compensation for losses from the suspension of tours to Mount Kumkang (the “May 24 Measures”)
  • South Korean businesses investing in North Korea, on the Rajin-Khasan Project, a joint logistics project involving the two Koreas and Russia for railway and port services
  • Corporate tenants of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, on compensation for loss and litigation representation
  • The Association for South Korean Firms, in the Kaesong Industrial Complex on various matters