Industrial Accidents & Safety Team


In October 2021, Shin & Kim launched our Industrial Accidents & Safety Team. This is an interdisciplinary team comprised of nearly 30 legal and regulatory experts with industry and subject matter expertise, including construction, environment, product liability, toxic tort litigation, real estate, labor & employment, and criminal law. Industrial Accidents & Safety Team provides legal advice and related consulting services on corporate internal controls, compliance systems, and risk management related to the Serious Accidents Punishment Act (the “SAPA”).

Key services include status assessment, comprehensive compliance program (from analysis to recommendations to support with implementation) to assist both domestic and foreign companies doing business in Korea. Our foundation is built on an excellent track record of providing top quality legal advisory services and customized solutions to our clients in the event of serious industrial accidents. Our professionals are consistently recognized for their outstanding expertise in advising on issues related to occupational safety, public health, serious civil accidents, such as product liability litigation.

Combining expertise, results and teamwork, Shin & Kim’s Industrial Accidents & Safety Team provides clients with optimum solutions to enable our clients to be ready to respond appropriately to safety, health and serious accidents-related issues before and after they arise.

Key Services

Our key related services include:

  • Status assessment and comprehensive review of potential risks to comply with the SAPA prior to its effective date.
  • Analysis and recommendations on safety and health management systems, and develop related compliance program.
  • Prepare and advise on related internal manuals, rules, guidelines, and checklists to manage a comprehensive compliance program related to occupational health & safety issues.
  • Provide governance-related advisory services to comply with safety-related laws, such as the SAPA and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (the “OSHA”).
  • Represent various clients in criminal and administrative litigations related to serious industrial accidents and serious civil accidents.