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Execution of PF Agreement for Jeju Hanlim Offshore Wind Power Project

Jeju Hanlim Offshore Wind Power Project (the “Project”) entails installing 18 units of 5.6MW wind power generators on the sea of Suwon-ri, Hanlim-eup, Jeju.  Public power generation companies, such as Korea Electric Power Corporation, KEPCO E&C, and Korea Midland Power, are participating in the Project with Hyundai E&C and Jeju-based construction companies. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is supplying turbines and other equipment for the Project.

The Project is being developed at the fastest rate among the private wind power generation projects of 100MW capacity or more. It is receiving the spotlight as a leading private offshore wind power generation project for using Korean turbines and equipment and involving Korean construction companies.

Concerning the Project, its EPC contract was executed in March 2021, its construction has commenced during the second half of 2021, and its PF agreement was signed in February 2022.

As a legal counsel to Jeju Hanlim Offshore Wind Power Company, Shin & Kim LLC offers diverse legal services, such as drafting, reviewing, and negotiating key contracts, such as EPC, O&M, and PF agreements, and evaluation of legal issues in addressing civil complaints, obtaining government permits or completing construction. 

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