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Partner Sangdon Lee Presents at KCLA Summer Symposium

At the summer symposium of the Korean Competition Law Association (KCLA) on June 13, 2014, Sangdon Lee gave a presentation entitled, “Antitrust (Competition) Regulations on Minority Shareholdings Acquisitions – A Comparison with European and U.S. Competition Laws.” The KCLA is one of Korea’s most respected associations in the competition law area.

Mr. Lee pointed out how a company’s acquisition of minority shareholdings in another company without acquiring control over that company may nonetheless be regulated as an anti-competitive business combination in certain cases, citing real-life cases from his own experience and the relevant review standards under business combination regulations in Korea, Europe and the U.S. He received much positive feedback and interest from participants, since the regulation of minority shareholdings acquisitions has rarely been dealt with academically or practically in Korea, despite that the issue has garnered considerable attention in other countries and the Korea Fair Trade Commission is considering regulating acquisitions of minority shareholdings.

Mr. Lee, an expert on the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act, amassed considerable working experience while seconded to the Competition Law Team of a major law firm in Europe, and advises on domestic and foreign competition laws relating to M&A deals.

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