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Shin & Kim Ranks Second in the “Best Law Firm” Category with the Most Number of “Best Lawyers” on the 2020 Korea Economic Daily Survey

Shin & Kim LLC ranked second in the “Best Korean Law Firm” category based on a survey conducted by Korea Economic Daily in 2020, evidencing a remarkable growth by moving up from the third place to the second place within a year. 

Shin & Kim ranked high in all 17 fields, and in particular, it has been selected as the law firm that provides “the Best Service” to corporate legal teams and in-house lawyers, by ranking first in the relevant categories of reasonable consulting fees, best communication with clients and acting in the best interests of clients (loyalty and responsibility).

Additionally, Shin & Kim has distinguished itself from other law firms, with its lawyers being honored as the “Best Lawyer” in five fields.

Korea Economic Daily has conducted a survey of legal team staff and in-house lawyers in domestic companies to evaluate law firms' expertise and services which is significant in that it reflects perspectives of corporate legal teams which are the key consumers of law firm services.

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