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Shin & Kim has drastically strengthened its practice group of fair trade

Shin & Kim recently scouted three lawyers, who were the former officials of the Korea Fair Trade Commission…Signal of competition in scouting among law firms

Shin & Kim has newly introduced Messrs Young Chul Yim (who passed the 23rd Bar Examinations and served as the Director General of Competition Policy Bureau, the Director General of Subcontract Bureau, etc. at the Fair Trade Commission), Chang Young Cho (who passed the 40th Bar Examinations) and Dae Yong Baek (who passed the 41st Bar Examinations). All of them were the former officials of the Korea Fair Trade Commission.

They moved to Shin & Kim from the fair trade practice team of Law Office Barun. Such movement is considered by law firms as a signal of scouting war to prepare for the openness of law market. With the introduction of Mr. Young Chul Yim and other two lawyers, Shin & Kim has total 25 lawyers for its fair trade practice group. Mr. Yim served as a Judge of the Seoul high Court, and the Legal Affairs Officer and the General Counsel of the Fair Trade Commission, and he was awarded the first designation as the Desirable Staff of KFTC by the KFTC staffs in 2001.

Messrs Chang Young Cho and Dae Yong Baek began their career as the administrative officials of the Fair Trade Commission after the graduate of Judicial Research & Training Institute. They joined in Law Office Barun respectively in 2002 and 2003 before movement with Mr. Yim to Shin & Kim.
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