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Shin & Kim Achieves Outstanding Rankings in 17 Practice Areas

We are proud to note our outstanding rankings in the 2024 edition of Chambers & Partners, which stand as a testament to the firm's strategic initiatives, investments, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Highlights from the 2024 rankings include:

  • Employment practice area rose to the coveted Band 1 ranking, jumping one band from the previous year's position.
  • Tax practice area climbed to Band 2, marking a one-band increase.
  • All 15 remaining practice areas retained their prestigious Band 1 or Band 2 rankings, solidifying Shin & Kim's position as a top-tier firm across all core competencies.

The individual lawyer rankings further underscored the firm's exceptional talent pool:

  • Five new individual lawyer rankings were added, bringing the total to an impressive 59 ranked lawyers.
  • Out of the existing 55 individual rankings, 20 lawyers ascended to higher bands, showcasing their outstanding performance and industry recognition.

More details can be found in the tables below:

  2024 Band
Banking & Finance 1
Capital Markets 1
Competition/Antitrust 1
Corporate/M&A 1
Dispute Resolution (IDR) 2
Dispute Resolution (Litigation) 2
Dispute Resolution (White-Collar Crime) 2
Employment 1
Insurance 2
Intellectual Property 2
International Trade 2
Projects · Energy 1
Real Estate 1
Restructuring / Insolvency 2
Shipping: Finance 2
Tax 2


Name (Band)
Banking & Finance Hyunju Helen Pak (1)
Michael Chang (2)
Sang-Hyun Lee (3)
Capital Markets Tae-Yong Seo (1)
Yong Jin Park (3)
Sang Yeon Eom (4)
Jong-Uk Lee (1: Securitisation)
Kevin (Woo Hyuk) Choi (2: Securitisation)
Competition/Antitrust Young Chul Yim (S)
John H. Choi (1)
JY (Jooyoung) Park (2)
Changhun Lee (4)
Chang-Young Cho (4)
Sangdon Lee (4)
Corporate/M&A Tong-Gun Lee (1)
Jae Young Chang (1)
Myong-Hyon (Brandon) Ryu (2)
Hae Sung Jeong (3)
Chung-In Anthony Choi (3)
Joongil Cho (4)
Stephanie H. Kim (4)
Dispute Resolution (IDR) Jae Min Jeon (2)
Young Suk Park (3)
Youngwon Yoon (4)
Dispute Resolution (Litigation) Jong-Han Oh (E)
Jae-Yun Yun (2)
Sookmi Lee (2)
Ghyo-Sun Park (3)
Dispute Resolution (White-Collar Crime) Tak-Kyun Hong (2)
Dong-Shin Yeom (3)
Employment Dong-Wook Kim (1)
Young-Seok Ki (2)
Anthony Chang (3)
Sery Lee (3)
Jong Soo Kim (4)
Intellectual Property Bo Kyung Lim (1)
Ghyo-Sun Park (2)
Kyle J. Choi (4)
Sang-Hyeok Im (4)
International Trade Doo-Sik Kim (S)
Jae Hee Kim (U)
Projects · Energy Sang-Hyun Lee (1)
Michael Chang (2)
Hyunju Helen Pak (3)
Su-Yong Jung (3)
Sangmyoung Shin (3)
Bong-Sang Cho (4)
Real Estate Kyung Don Lee (E)
Kyoung Soo Chang (1)
Robert C. Young (2)
Suk Lee (2)
Restructuring / Insolvency Bok-Gi Choi (2)
Young-Geun Kim (3)
Shipping: Finance Hyunju Helen Pak (2)
Tax Je-Heum Baik (1)
Hyeon-Jin Kim (2)
TMT Sinook Kang (1)
Joon Yong Park (4)
Junghyun Hwang(U)

While celebrating this success, Shin & Kim remains committed to pursuing new strategic initiatives that will propel the firm to even greater heights in the years to come.

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