Ho Keun Bae

Ho Keun Bae




Mr. Ho Keun Bae is a partner at Shin & Kim. Mr. Bae's practice focuses on litigations involving general businesses, media & broadcasting, administrative and other cases.

Mr. Bae has been involved in a wide range of cases such as civil, criminal, administrative, domestic cases and others, serving as a judge, judicial researcher, branch director and presiding judge across the courts of different levels since he started as a judge in the Busan District Court until retiring as a presiding judge in the Seoul Central District Court. In particular, he served in the Anti-corruption Department in the Seoul High Court and the Media and Environment Department in the Seoul Central District Court. While serving in the judiciary, he also dealt with administrative related matters by concurrently holding positions such as head of election board in various levels and advisor of contractual terms review committee in the Fair Trade Commission and others.

  • 2000-2001University of California, Davis (Visiting Scholar)
  • 1986-1988Seoul National University, Graduate School of Law (LL.M.)
  • 1982-1986Seoul National University, College of Law (LL.B.)
Professional Career
  • 2015-PresentShin & Kim LLC
  • 2013Presiding Judge, Seoul Central District Court
  • 2012-2013Chairperson, Eunpyong-gu Election Commission
  • 2011-2015Member, Contract Terms Review Advisory Committee, Fair Trade Commission
  • 2011Presiding Judge, Seoul Western District Court
  • 2010-2011Chairperson, Suji-gu Election Commission
  • 2009Presiding Judge, Suwon District Court
  • 2007-2009Chairperson, Sokcho-si Election Commission
  • 2007Director, Sokcho Branch, Chuncheon District Court
  • 2005Research Judge, Supreme Court
  • 2004Judge, Seoul High Court
  • 2003Judge, Western Branch, Seoul District Court
  • 2000Judge, Seoul District Court
  • 1998Judge, Suwon District Court (Yongin-si)
  • 1996Judge, Suwon District Court
  • 1995Judge, Ulsan Branch, Busan District Court
  • 1992Judge, Busan District Court
  • 1992Judicial Research & Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea
Bar Admissions
  • 1992Korea
  • Korean Bar Association

Korean, English, Japanese

Professional Activities

  • Hearing in medical litigations by using the expert commissioner system (Memorial book to commemorate the retirement of Judge Jong Dae Kim, 2012)
  • Beginning date of extinctive prescription of the right to claim for damages resulting from disturbance of sunlight upon new construction of a building (Study on Judicial Practice, Vol. No. 4, 2011)
  • Of the concept of sexual harassment set forth under Article 2 (2) of the Gender Discrimination Prevention and Relief Act, the meaning and judgment criteria of the requisite ‘by taking advantage of one’s position’ (Explication on Judicial Precedents of the Supreme Court, Issue No. 64, 2007)
  • Whether a mining right holder can make a claim for compensations for loss or damage due to limits on mining in accordance with Article 48 (1) of the Mining Act (Explication on Judicial Precedents of the Supreme Court, Issue No. 54, 2006)
  • Separation of anonymous partnership, partnership under the civil law and internal partnership (Case Study on Commercial Code, Vol. No. 1, 1996)
  • Die qualifikation und die einbeziehungsvoraussetzungen der AGB (Essence of contract terms and requirements for inclusion of provisions, Master’s thesis, 1988)

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