Gyu-Seok Baek

Gyu-Seok Baek

Senior Advisor

Mr. Gyu-Seok Baek served in various positions in the government, including the head of the Planning and Coordination Office, head of the Environmental Policy Office, chief of the Nature Conservation Bureau and chief of the Resources Circulation Bureau, of the Ministry of Environment, Environmental Senior Officer of Presidential Secretariat, and the chief of the Government Project Bureau of the Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development. From his services, Mr. Baek has acquired extensive and in-depth knowledge and experience in theory, legal systems and practice of environmental impact assessment for a large development project, environmental dispute, microdust, vehicle emission regulation, and the management of plants that emit air, water or chemical pollutants, or discharge wastes. For the recent years, in particular, Mr. Baek played a leading role in adopting advanced environmental systems in chemical substance regulation, liability for environmental damage and relief, emissions trading, regulation of vehicle emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, and integrated control of pollutant-discharging facilities, taking charge of all relevant processes, including the designing of systems, negotiation/persuasion of stakeholders and establishment laws and regulations.

Professional Career
  • 2022-PresentMember of the Self-regulation Examination Committee, Ministry of Environment
  • 2022-PresentMember of Water Commission Support Department
  • 2022-PresentMember of the Self-Evaluation Committee, Ministry of Environment
  • 2022-PresentChairman of Environment Future Strategy Center, Shin & Kim LLC
  • 2022-PresentChairman of ESG Committee, Dongbu Corporation
  • 2020-2022Non-executive Director, Korea Water Resources Corporation
  • 2020-2022Chairman of Audit Committee, ESG Committee Member, Korea Water Resources Corporation
  • 2017-PresentSenior Advisor, Shin & Kim LLC
  • 2016-PresentAdjunct Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering/ Graduate School of Engineering, Yonsei Univ.
  • 2016-2017National Assembly Chief of Staff (Environment)
  • 2015-2016Head of the Planning and Coordination Office, Ministry of Environment
  • 2013-2015Head of the Environmental Policy Office, Ministry of Environment
  • 2011-2013Chief of the Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of Environment
  • 2009-2011Chief of the Resource Circulation Bureau, Ministry of Environment
  • 2008-2009Environmental Senior Officer of Presidential Secretariat
  • 2007-2008Chief of the Government Project Bureau, Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development
  • 2005-2007Innovative Personal Planning Officer/Official for Finance and Planning of the Ministry of Environment
  • 2002-2005International Affairs Officer, Head of Environmental Technology Division, Head of Water Quality Policy Division and Planning & Budget Officer of the Ministry of Environment
  • 2000-2002Environment Canada
  • 1999-2000Head of the Resource Recycling Division, Ministry of Environment
  • 1998-1999Presidential Secretariat (Environment Sector)
  • 1996-1998Head of the Sewerage Division, Ministry of Environment
  • 1990-1996Sewerage Division, Seoul District Environmental Office / Study at AIT in Thailand / Water Quality Policy Division
  • 1987-1990Ministry of Government Administration / Ministry of Home Affairs
  • 1984Passed the 20th Higher Position Civil Service Examination (Technology Sector)
Key Experience
  • Advised on obtaining integrated environmental permits and post-management responses
  • Resolved problems related to past pollution clean-up projects
  • Responded to rejection of the issuance of environmental permits
  • Participated in multiple government service contracts on an ongoing basis
  • Resolved problems related to management of the ESG data, improvement of communications, and various environmental challenges
  • Advised on establishment and operation of environmental management systems and environmental governance at business places
  • Advised on identification of the strategies for identifying and promoting opportunities for green future businesses
  • Responded to carbon-neutral policies
  • Resolved problems related to environmental impact assessments for development projects
  • Responded to crackdown on environmental crimes in line with the recent trends
  • 2006Yonsei University, Civil and Environmental Engineering (Doctoral course completed)
  • 1995Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand (Master of Environmental Engineering)
  • 1987Yonsei University, Civil Engineering Department (Master of Civil Engineering)
  • 1985Yonsei University, Civil Engineering Department (Bachelor of Civil Engineering)
  • Yonsei University Graduate School of Engineering, Excellence Lecture Professor Award (2018, 2021, 2024)
  • Red Stripe Order of Service Merit Medal (2011)
  • Service Merit Medal (2004)

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