Young Rai Jeon

Young Rai Jeon

Certified Public Tax Attorney



Mr. Young Rai Jeon is a tax attorney and consultant at Shin & Kim’s tax group in charge of the tax part of the firm. Mr. Jeon’s main areas of practice include tax laws and tax administration.

Mr. Jeon graduated from the National Tax College in April 1983 as a student of the first class thereof and performed various tax administration affairs including tax investigation, tax law interpretation, handling of national tax revenue and appeals, international taxation, etc. for 33 years. Mr. Jeon served at tax offices, Regional National Tax Services and the National Tax Service as investigation team member, investigation team leader, Deputy Director, Director and Superintendent of tax offices for the same time period.

  • 2007-2009Graduate School of Policy Studies, Korea University (Master’s degree)
  • 1984-1986Administration Department, Korea National Open University (Bachelor's degree)
  • 1981-1982Domestic Tax Department, National Tax College (First Class)
Professional Career
  • 2019-presentShin & Kim LLC
  • 2016Sejong Accounting LLC
  • 2015Superintendent of Namdaemun Tax Office
  • 2014Director of International Investigation Division #1, Seoul Regional National Tax Service
  • 2013Director of Corporate Taxation Division, Seoul Regional National Tax Service
  • 2012Superintendent of Naju Tax Office
  • 2008-2011Deputy Director (Secretary) of Value-Added Tax Division, National Tax Service
  • 2007Deputy Director of Corporate Taxation Division, Seoul Regional National Tax Service
  • 2005-2006Deputy Director of Tax Review Division #2, National Tax Service
  • 2004Director of Tax Investigation Division #2, Jeonju Tax Office
  • 2000-2003Income Tax Division, National Tax Service
  • 1998-1999Deputy Director of property tax, Seobu Tax Office
  • 1997Tax Investigation Bureau #2, Seoul Regional National Tax Service
  • 1994-1996Corporate Taxation Division, Mapo Tax Office
  • 1993International Taxation Division #3, National Tax Service
  • 1991-1992Corporate Taxation Division, Seocho Tax Office
  • 1989-1990Tax Payment Guidance Division, National Tax Service
  • 1988Tax Review Division #2, National Tax Service
  • 1986-1987Corporate Taxation Division, Namdaemun Tax Office
  • 1985International Tax Division #1, National Tax Service
  • 1983-1984Corporate Taxation Division, Yeongdeungpo Tax Office
  • Korean Association of Certified Public Tax Attorney [2009]

Korean, English

Professional Activities

  • Study on the Market Prices as the Basis of Estimation of Unfair Practices (Master’s thesis submitted to the Graduate School of Policy Studies at Korea University, 2009)

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