Dae Sub Jang

Dae Sub Jang

Senior Advisor

Mr. Dae Sub Jang started working for the National Assembly of Korea after passing the 12th Higher-Civil Service Examination in 1994. During the 26 years of his career as a legislative branch official for the National Assembly, he performed critical duties by serving in various positions including chief expert member of the Land and Transport Committee and House Steering Committee, public relations officer, head of the Proceedings Bureau, and head of the Planning and Coordination Office.

Especially, during his service as the head of the Proceedings Bureau, he periodically analyzed and summarized the general moves of the National Assembly and established necessary countermeasures by reporting to the National Assembly’s Speaker. He also ensured that the National Assembly would operate smoothly by assisting in devising scenarios to help the Speaker prepare for various situations that might occur during the National Assembly’s plenary sessions. Such career laid the foundation for him to develop techniques to identify the essence of issues and cultivate problem-solving abilities.

During his service as a chief expert member, he conducted preliminary research on legislative bills to be discussed in relevant committees, and comprehensively identified the positions of each political parties, the government, and other interested parties. Based on the research, he prepared review reports and provided explanations in subcommittees, which contributed to high legislative performance in processing bills.

Professional Career
  • 2021-PresentShin & Kim LLC Senior Advisor
  • 2020Chief Expert Member (Assistant Deputy Minister level), House Steering Committee, National Assembly
  • 2018-2020Chief Expert Member (Assistant Deputy Minister level), Land and Transport Committee, National Assembly
  • 2016-2018Head of the Planning and Coordination Office, National Assembly Secretariat
  • 2014-2016Head of the Proceedings Bureau, National Assembly Secretariat
  • 2013-2014Legislative Review Officer, Budget and Settlement of Accounts Special Committee, National Assembly
  • 2010-2013USA (LA) Legislative Officer, National Assembly Secretariat
  • 2007-2010Head of Proceedings Department, Proceedings Bureau, National Assembly Secretariat
  • 2005-2007Public Relations Officer, Public Relations Office, National Assembly Secretariat
  • 2002-2003Legislative Research Officer, Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee, National Assembly
  • 2000-2002In charge of general affairs, General Affairs Department, National Assembly Secretariat
  • 1996-2000Budget Analysis Officer, Legal System and Budget Office, National Assembly Secretariat
  • 1994-1996Legislative Research Officer, Construction and Transport Committee, National Assembly
  • 1994Passed the 12th annual higher-civil service examination for the National Assembly
  • 2005Oregon State University, USA (M.A.)
  • 1999Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University (M.A. Course Completed)
  • 1991Kyung Hee University (B.A. in Politics and Diplomacy)

Korean, English

  • 2016.12Presidential Citation
  • 2007.12Citation by the Minister of Finance and Economy
  • 2007.1Citation by the Speaker of the National Assembly
  • 2000.5Citation by Secretary General of the National Assembly

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