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Wook Huh




Dr. Wook Huh is currently a partner lawyer in Shin & Kim. Dr. Huh is the first Korean lawyer who obtained master’s and doctoral degrees from Peking University Law School.

Dr. Huh’s main practice area covers Chinese companies' investment in Korea and Korean companies' investment in China. Dr.Huh has worked on labor, trademark, M&A advice for Korean companies in China and has provided legal advice to Chinese VCs for investment in Korea. Dr. Huh had worked in a Chinese law firm as a secondee and in the Beijing and Shanghai offices of Korean law firms for 15 years.

  • 2009-2014Peking University Law School (Ph.D in Law)
  • 2007-2009Peking University Law School (LL.M.)
  • 1990-1998Yonsei University (B.S. in Business Administration and Law)
Professional Career
  • 2021-PresentPanel of International Arbitrators, The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB)
  • 2021-PresentShin & Kim LLC
  • 2014-2020Beijing and Shanghai Representative office, Yulchon LLC
  • 2008-2014Logos Law, LLC
  • 2002-2004Judicial Research & Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea
Bar Admissions
  • 2004Korea
  • Korean Bar Association

Korean, Chinese, English

Professional Activities

  • Huh Wook's view on China - from legal perspective (Economy Chosun, serialized from February 2021)
  • A Brief on Dispute Settlement in case of investment in North Korea (North Korean Law Research(Vol.22), Unification and the North Korean Law Society, 2019)
  • Chinese Time, Coffee of the Day and Coffee of the Week (Bulletin of Seoul Bar Association, December 2019)
  • A Brief on the Chinese regulations and status of platform taxis (Lawyer(Vol.52), Seoul Bar Association, 2019)
  • The Prospects and Implications of the Enactment of Chinese <Foreign Investment Act> (Yonhap Infomax, February 2019)
  • The Current Status and Implications of Chinese Artificial Intelligence - Focusing on Self-driving Cars and Their Road Test Regulations (Lawyer(Vol.51), Seoul Bar Association, 2018)
  • A Brief on the Current Status, Problems and Improvement Direction of P2P Loan Platform in China- Focusing on the Introduction and Analysis of the online Loan Information Intermediary Organization's Business Activity Management" (Lawyer(Vol.50), Seoul Bar Association, 2017)
  • A Study on Chinese <Rally and Demonstration Law> (Lawyer(Vol. 49), Seoul Bar Association, 2016)
  • A Study on the Korean Corporate Rehabilitation - Focusing on the Legal Procedures of the Corporate Rehabilitation Process (Peking University Economic Law Journal(Vol. 15), Peking University Press, Co-author with Professor Zhang Shou-wen, Published in Chinese, 2014)
  • A Study on the Economic Law Theory on the Cultural Industry Promotion - Focusing on the Chinese with Korean Systems Comparison (Peking University Law School, Ph.D. thesis, 2014)
  • A Brief on Chinese <Archive Law> - Focusing on the Relationship with the "Chinese Government Information Disclosure Ordinance" (Chinese Law Study(Vol.20), Korea-China Law Society, 2013)
  • The Meanings and Challenges of Implementation the Socialist Law System with Chinese Characteristics (Lawyer(Vol. 44), Seoul Bar Association, 2013)
  • A Review on Chinese Case Guidance System (Chinese Law Study(Vol.18), Korea-China Law Society, 2012)
  • A Review on the Korean <Comprehensive Real Estate Tax Law>- Focusing on the Korean Constitutional Court's Decision on November 13, 2008 (Peking University Economic Law Journal(Vol. 10), Peking University Press, Co-author with Professor Zhang Shou-wen, Published in Chinese, 2012)
  • A comparative study on tax revenue policy in Korea and China for foreign-invested companies - Focusing on newly issued <Corporate Income Tax Law> in China (Peking University Law School, Master's Thesis, 2009)

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