Gi Yong Kim

Gi Yong Kim


Ms. Gi Yong Kim served as a public servant at the Ministry of Environment and the Wonju Regional Environmental Office since 1990, where she assessed strategic environmental impact of development master plans and development projects and small-scale environmental impact, consulted environmental impact assessments, and handled work related to chemicals, biocides, household chemicals, waste management, and protected areas such as nature parks and wetlands. Based on such a wide array of experience, Ms. Kim has gained a deep understanding of the relevant systems, laws, and practices.

In particular, Ms. Kim has extensive experience in resolving various issues identified during the environmental assessment process, including the site selection, suitability of land use plans, biodiversity, topography, ecological axis, and natural landscape in numerous development projects, including urban development, industrial and tourism complex development, wind and solar energy development, transmission line engineering, sports facilities installation, waste treatment facilities construction, road construction, mineral extraction, public waters reclamation, and port development.

Ms. Kim graduated from Yonsei University with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and earned a master's degree from Yonsei University Graduate School of Environmental Studies. She started her career at the Ministry of Environment's Land Environment Assessment Division, through the Natural Policy Division, the Nature Parks Division (2010-2017), Wonju Regional Environmental Office's Chemical Substances Control Division and Environmental Assessment Division (2017-2021), and the Chemical Products Control Division (2021-2022). Throughout her service, she was honored with the Minister of Environment's Commendation, the Prime Minister's Commendation (as Exemplary Public Servant), and the Service Merit Medal from the government of the Republic of Korea.

Areas of Expertise
Professional Career
  • 2022-PresentShin & Kim LLC
  • 2021-2022Chemical Product Management Department, Ministry of Environment
  • 2018-2021Environmental Assessment Department, Wonju Regional Environmental Office
  • 2017-2018Chemical Material Management Department, Wonju Regional Environmental Office
  • 2010-2017Land Environment Assessment Division, Nature Policy Division, and Natural Park Division, Ministry of Environment
  • 1990-2010Environmental Assessment Department, Environment Management Department, and Natural Environment Department, Wonju Regional Environmental Office
Key Experience
  • Advised clients on environmental impact assessments in large-scale urban development projects
  • Advised clients on strategic environmental impact assessments in tourism and recreation-purpose district unit plan (urban development plan)
  • Advised clients on small-scale environmental impact assessments in energy development projects
  • Advised clients on integrated environmental permits and follow-up measures
  • Advised clients on on-site inspections under the Water Environment Conservation Act and the Wastes Control Act
  • Advised a foreign company on recent amendments and policy directions of the Chemical Substances Control Act, the Consumer Chemical Products and Biocides Safety Control Act, and the Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances
  • Advised a Korean conglomerate on ESG evaluation strategy
  • Advised clients on identifying opportunities and strategies to develop eco-friendly future businesses
  • Advised the Korean government on the preparation of a revised bill of the Environmental Impact Assessment Act
  • Advised the Korean government in the drafting of a revised bill of the Chemical Substances Control Act and the Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances
  • Advised a client on step-by-step action plan for groundwater purification
  • Represented a client in a case involving administrative penalties imposed under the Environmental Testing and Inspection Act
  • 2001Yonsei University, Graduate School of Environmental Management
  • 1988Yonsei University, College of Health Science

Korean, English

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