Ji Ho Kang

Ji Ho Kang

Senior Advisor

Before joining Shin & Kim, Mr. Ji Ho Kang performed various exchange regulation-related duties in the listing review department, disclosure department, ESG support department and market surveillance department of Korea Exchange for over 27 years.

In particular, immediately before joining Shin & Kim, Mr. Kang served as the head of Special Short Selling Investigation Team in charge of detecting illegal short selling, and dealt with companies with a cause of delisting, including a disclaimer of opinion such as Gamma Nu Inc.

In addition, while leading the introduction of the KOSDAQ listing technology evaluation system, Mr. Kang not only directly conducted technology evaluations for first-generation bio companies such as Helixmith Co., Ltd., but also reviewed about 35 companies including Koyoung Co., Ltd. for listing. As the first ESG team leader of the exchange, Mr. Kang performed tasks such as drafting the ESG disclosure system for listed companies, establishing ESG disclosure guidelines, and reviewing ESG disclosures.

Professional Career
  • 2022-PresentShin & Kim LLC
  • 2021-2022Head of Special Short Selling Supervision Team and Supervision Division, Korea Exchange
  • 2020-2021First Head of ESG Team, Korea Exchange
  • Green Finance Promotion TF, Financial Services Commission, Korea Exchange
  • 2013-2020Head of KOSDAQ Disclosure Team, Psychological Planning Team, and Market Monitoring System Team, Korea Exchange
  • 2008-2013Market Monitoring Division, etc., Korea Exchange
  • 2004-2008KOSDAQ Listing Review Division, Korea Exchange
  • 1995Joined Korea Exchange
  • 2010Michigan State University (Master of Business Administration)
  • 1995Korea University (B.A. in Economics)

Korean, English

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