Shin & Kim seminar on managerial disputes

On January 28, Shin & Kim hosted a seminar under the theme of Legal Issues and Trend of Recent Precedents in Managerial Disputes at the Seoul Club located in Jangchung-dong, Seoul. Approximately one hundred corporate officials and employees, including in-house lawyers, were invited.


Recently, a wide range of issues relating to managerial disputes have become concerns in various industries. The main concern has been how businesses (and associated people) should deal with related legal issues in an effective manner when such managerial disputes arise. Against this backdrop, Shin & Kim provided a venue for discussion.


Messrs. Sinseob Kang, Jong Han Oh, Chang Weon Rhee, Tong Gun Lee of Shin & Kim were the speakers and presented major issues and trend of recent precedents related to provisional disposition proceedings. The presentation was followed by discussion and socializing.