Sang-Hyeok Im and Yoon-Hee Kim Presented on Recent Japanese Entertainment Cases at the Korea Entertainment Law Society

Shin & Kim hosted the Monthly Case Studies Meeting of the Korea Entertainment Law Society on March 25, 2014.


The Monthly Case Studies Meeting was chaired by Sang-Hyeok Im, and Yoon-Hee Kim gave a presentation entitled, “Recent Entertainment Cases in Japan”, which covered topics such as (i) copyrights of North Korean residents, (ii) the expiration and exhaustion of agreements, (iii) publicity rights, (iv) infringement of moral rights, (v) copyright ownership of original TV CM, (vi) copyrightability of mobile game screens, and (vii) anti-competitiveness in a comprehensive collection of cases of the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC).  A Q&A session followed.


The Monthly Case Studies Meeting was attended by about 50 entertainment specialists and attorneys who are interested in legal issues relevant to Korean companies’ initial entry into the Japanese market.