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Pro Bono

Shin & Kim is committed to fulfilling our responsibilities to society and neighbors.

Community Service & Pro Bono

Our Mission

Shin & Kim formed a community service foundation entitled ‘Nanum & Ieum Foundation’ (‘Sharing & Connecting’ in English meaning) with the mission statement ‘Become Legal Professionals Who Share With and Connect with Neighbors and Society’. It focuses on our corporate social responsibilities, and through the foundation, members of Shin & Kim participate in pro bono work and various community service activities as part of our efforts to further advance our communities and achieve social integration.

Background of Establishment of Foundation

Shin & Kim established the ‘Pro Bono Committee’, an internal committee of the firm dedicated to pro bono activities, in a bid to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and share our expertise in 2006. It marked the beginning of our firm’s pro bono activities and in 2012, we established the ‘Shin & Kim Center for Public Interest’ to make our activities even more specialized. We have an attorney that is dedicated to pro bono activities. In late 2014, the formation of ‘Nanum & Ieum Foundation’ helped broaden the scope of our firm’s pro bono activities and enabled an independent operation of such activities.

Pro Bono Activities

Support for North Korean Defectors

Among the support programs for North Korean refugees, Shin & Kim offers a “Leadership Development Program” for university students and an English Speech Contest. Our attorneys also provide free legal advice and scholarship programs for North Korean refugees to help ensure that they feel less marginalized or discriminated against in the society.

Support for Children and Adolescents

Based on the philosophy that “children are our future,” we value the promotion of sound growth in children and adolescents, who are growing up in our society either disconnected from their families or living without a family. Our support in this area include actively promoting outreach programs for children and adolescents, who are often missing school, as well as pro bono legal services, career experience programs, research programs, among others.

Support for Public Organizations

Shin & Kim has entered into business agreements with public organizations, such as MIRAL Welfare Foundation, and our attorneys regularly provide legal advice on a wide range of issues relating to their operation. We also organize seminars, roundtables and symposium on topics that may effectively support public organizations.

Support for Multiculturalism & Minority Groups

We have continuously provided pro bono support to our communities by engaging in volunteer activities. We also regularly provide supplies and facilities for the homeless and for low-income seniors.