About Us


The members of Shin & Kim LLC (“Shin & Kim” or the “Company”) acknowledge
that the survival and sustainable development of Shin & Kim is based on relationships
with stakeholders and that Shin & Kim’s decisions and practices
have a significant impact on various stakeholders, including clients and the legal community.

We also understand that Shin & Kim has a responsibility to protect the environment and society for
current and future generations, and we strive to fulfill our social responsibilities as members of society and as a law firm.

Article 1. Fundamental Policy Shin & Kim respects all stakeholders and strives to exert a positive influence to grow together.
  1. We identify who the stakeholders are in relation to our business and operational decision-making and identify the impact each decision will or may have on the stakeholders.

  2. We strive to ensure that our business and operation will have a positive impact on the environmental, social, and governance performance.

  3. We seek to identify and prevent any negative impact that we will or may have on our or any stakeholder’s environmental, social, and governance aspects (ESG Risk).

  4. When our ESG Risk becomes a reality, we will immediately take necessary measures to resolve the problem and do our best to recover from damage.

  5. We implement this Charter through guidance and company regulations and disclose key results on a periodic basis to assess and improve performance.

Article 2. Environmental Management Shin & Kim practices environmental management in the process of conducting its business by efficiently using resources and energy and minimizing environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emission.
  1. We establish and manage a detailed implementation plan to practice environmental management.

  2. We provide our people with relevant information and training to raise their awareness of environmental management and reinforce their capabilities.

  3. All our people comply with domestic and international environmental laws, regulations, and conventions and voluntarily strive to protect and improve the environment.

Article 3. Socially Responsible Management Shin & Kim, as a leading law firm in Korea, fulfills its due social responsibility and continues to improve its people’s working environment.
  1. We respect and protect the human rights of our stakeholders, including our people, clients, and local communities, and consider our social responsibility in all processes of making decisions and performing duties.

  2. We deal fairly with our clients and respect and protect their personal information.

  3. We select and work with our contractors in a fair manner in consideration of our social responsibility and seek shared growth with them.

  4. We build constructive relationships with the local communities and encourage our people to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

  5. We respect the laws and regulations, customs, and culture of the local countries where we operate our overseas offices.

  6. We comply with domestic and international labor laws and regulations in terms of employment, retention, and retirement; guarantee our employees’ basic rights; and establish and constantly improve a reasonable performance evaluation and reward system.

Article 4. Governance Shin & Kim is trusted by its stakeholders and maintains a democratic and efficient decision-making system.
  1. We establish an efficient decision-making system, which truly reflects the opinions of our people.

  2. Our Managing Committee (MC) reviews our purpose and values and makes transparent and ethical decisions that mirror social expectations.

  3. We diversify the composition of the MC to ensure a balanced perspective in the decision-making process.