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Shin & Kim Launches “Industrial Accident & Safety ” Practice Group

The Serious Accident Punishment Act is scheduled to become effective in January of 2022. It not only covers typical serious industrial accidents (e.g., crush accidents in thermal power plants and/or fire accidents in logistics warehouse construction sites), but also various life-threatening accidents that received wide societal attention (e.g., humidifier disinfectant scandal and the Sewol ferry sinking tragedy). The legislative intent behind the Act is to prevent serious accidents by imposing strict punishment to the companies and relevant executives.

Shin & Kim, based on its Industrial Accident Response Team’s rich experience gathered over years of practice in the area of industrial safety and health, has launched the Industrial Accident & Safety Center that will provide comprehensive legal advice and expertise in the field of occupational safety and health. 

The Industrial Accident & Safety Center is composed of 30 experts who can comprehensively cover a wide range of serious accidents in various practice areas including industrial safety, constructions, environmental matters, manufactured goods, chemical substances, real estate, and criminal affairs.

Shin & Kim, with the collective efforts of the experts of its Industrial Accident & Safety Center, provides integrated services. These include legal advice for the establishment of systems for occupational safety and health systems and development of corporate countermeasures suitable for each type of business. 

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