Youngsik Byun

Youngsik Byun

Senior Advisor

Mr. Youngsik Byun was in charge of drug pricing services in multinational pharma companies, in Janssen Korea for sixteen years and in Astrazeneca Korea for ten years, and provided advisory services in Lee & Ko and Kim & Change for the following five years.

During his twenty-five years of drug pricing and advisory service experience, he handled various new drug registration and drug pricing negotiation cases, and showed outstanding capability in registering new drugs, particularly anticancer drugs and orphan drugs for rare diseases through pharmaco-economic studies. Further, he contributed in introducing the RSA, a new drug pricing and registration scheme in 2014, for insurance registration of anticancer drugs and orphan drugs, and played a leading role in introducing and implementing the special system for pharmaco-economic studies in 2015, which accepted the exemption to pharmaco-economic studies, the foundation for the present selective registration scheme, by representing the industry.

Additionally, Mr. Byun served as the chairman of the Market Access Committee of the Korean Research-based Pharma Industry Association (KRPIA) from 2016 to March 2018, representing multinational pharma companies in closely coordinating issues with the government and stakeholders, and thereby contributing to the acknowledgement of the innovative value of new drugs and the improvement of access to new drugs, and since 2015, has been an outstanding TF member in launching and operating the Korea Cancer Care Alliance (KCCA), in the effort to mitigate the economic burden of cancer patients and their families, and to provide proper treatment opportunities.

Areas of Expertise
Professional Career
  • 2023-PresentShin & Kim LLC
  • 2020-2023Kim & Chang
  • 2018-2020Advisor, Lee & Ko LLC
  • 2016-2018MA committee Co-chair, KRPIA
  • 2009-2018P&R/GA Director, Astrazeneca Korea
  • 1994-2009Janssen Korea
Key Experience
Improvement of Drug Pricing Scheme
  • Led the TF on global innovative new drug assessment criteria for new drug R&D in Korea/ cooperation with KPBMA
  • Participated in the drug pricing council of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Participated and led the KRPIA TF and Working group
    - KRPIA Oncology Working group (anti-cancer drug council)
    - Participated in the Korea Cancer Care Alliance /2015-2018
    - Participated in the TF on improving drug pricing related regulations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare /2015
    - Led the TF on special pharmaco-economic studies /2014-2015
    - Participated in the TF on Risk Sharing Agreement /2015-2016
    - Participated in the A7-pricing calculation improvement research team /2015-2016
    - OECD project/led the project on comparative study of new drug pricing (OECD price vs. Korea)
  • Government Affairs (Government and external affairs) (Planned and hosted Seminar on Drug Pricing at the National Assembly Policy Forum)
    - Policy debate on improvement of access of ovarian cancer patients /Jeong-rim Moon(Saenuri Party)/2015
    - Policy debate on improvement of risk sharing program/Jeong-rim Moon(Saenuri Party)/2015
    - Policy debate on new establishment of fees for chronic pulmonary disease /Il-Jong Sung(Liberty Korea Party)/2017
    - Seminar on risk management of Chinese drug reference pricing/2018
    - Policy debate on improvement of risk sharing program/Chun-sook Jeong/ Democratic Party of Korea /2019
    - Project on developing general election and presidential election agenda for increasing new drug accessibility/2022
New Drug Registration and Advice on Increase in Coverage
  • Registration of new drugs made of natural products (2023)
  • Registration of new drugs for breast cancer treatments (2022)
  • Increase in coverage for SMA treatments (2022)
  • Increase in coverage and registration of liver cancer treatments (2019)
  • Registration of cancer immunotherapy treatments (2019)
  • Treatments for non-small cell lung cancer (2017)
  • Treatments for ovarian cancer (2017)
  • Treatments for thyroid cancer (2015)
  • Treatments for first class SGLT-2 type diabetes (2014)
  • Treatments for acute myocardial infarction, antithrombotic agents (2013)
  • Treatments for arthritis (2012)
  • 1994Chung-Ang University, College of Law (LL.B.)

Korean, English

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