Amendments to the Electric Utility Act will take effect as of 1 October 2020.  Further details will be available in September 2020 under the amended sub-regulations after further public debate.

Key takeaways

  • For solar power, wind-power and fuel-cell generation projects that require an environmental impact assessment or short form EIA, local residents concerns over environmental contamination and compensation will need to be obtained prior to an application being made for the relevant electricity-generation licence.
  • Except in limited circumstances, the relevant governmental authority may not approve a business transfer of a solar power generation business including a change in the largest shareholder in a project company developing or operating a solar power generation business having a minimum 20,000kW capacity until such business has commenced operation.
  • The process for small-scale solar power generation businesses (3,000kW or less) seeking to obtain the relevant licences and permits will be simplified


1.  Heightened importance of local residents’ opinions
2.  Complications to change the largest shareholder in a solar power generation company
3.  Business suspension for failing to comply with restoration order
4.  Deadline for declaring commencement of business clarified
5.  Simplification of the licence and permit procedures for small-scale solar power projects

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