Privacy & Data Protection


Shin & Kim’s Privacy and Data Security practice advises on all relevant laws relating to privacy, credit information and data security. It has a wealth of experience in providing specialized services tailored to client’s needs with respect to establishing and maintaining information security systems, responsive action in data leakage situations and efficient use of big data.

Our Privacy and Data Security team has extensive experience in liaising with relevant government authorities, as well as relevant administrative agencies enabling it to provide insight into prevailing policies and practical realities. Our Privacy and Data Security team has in depth understanding and diverse experience in the industry and is also actively involved in developing enforcement and policy direction.

Shin & Kim’s Privacy and Data Security practice is especially known for providing efficient and customized advice and commercial solutions to its clients while considering fast-changing technological developments. Also, this team understands the advanced technology inherent in information processing systems and information protection systems and is able to clearly illustrate and put into context the advice and solutions it provides.

Key Services

Shin & Kim provides services in the following areas with respect to privacy and data security:

  • Regulatory issues relating to privacy and data security
  • Establishment and maintenance of information systems
  • Standards and certifications relating to personal information protection systems
  • Data leakage investigations or sanctions by administrative agencies 
  • Permits and licenses, including location information business licenses
  • Effective use of data in connection developing technology
  • Various governmental bodies, such as the Personal Information Protection Commission, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, the Korea Communications Commission, the Financial Services Commission, the Ministry of Science and ICT, on revisions and legislation of information protection laws
  • The General Insurance Association, the Korea Securities Depository and the Korea Internet and Security Agency, on information protection legislation
  • Various Korean financial holding companies, on the management of joint-group databases and credit rating systems
  • Numerous state-owned enterprises, on the reform of internal personal information management systems
  • Numerous financial institutions, on the Credit Information Use and Protection Act and the Personal Information Protection Act in connection with split offs and mergers
  • Numerous major Korean and foreign companies, on personal information protection relating to website reform
  • Various large Korean corporations, on comprehensive management of personal information for consolidated IDs used on websites
  • Credit card companies, on personal information management in connection with providing consolidated membership services
  • A Korean insurance company, on privacy issues on building a big-data safety management model
  • Various companies, with respect to the transfer of customers’ personal information in connection with business transfers
  • Korean and foreign social networking companies and internet portal sites, on information protection in connection with online targeted advertisements
  • Major Korean and foreign companies, regarding changes to personal information protection management and related systems
  • A major Korean company, in a dispute relating to personal information hacking accidents.
  • A major Korean credit card company, in a lawsuit involving the leakage of customer personal information.