Copyrights and Entertainment


With the development of Information Technology, new legal issues have arisen under the Copyright Act of Korea. The entertainment industry, including broadcasting, movie and music, has positioned itself as one of the most important industries in Korea. Shin & Kim is the only major law firm in Korea that maintains a practice group dedicated to copyright and entertainment law related disputes. Shin & Kim is renowned for providing optimal solutions in response to various legal issues arising under copyright and entertainment laws with an in-depth understanding of the trends and needs of the industry.

Shin & Kim’s Intellectual Property Practice Group has recently won seven consecutive lawsuits regarding dramatic works plagiarism and two consecutive lawsuits regarding music works plagiarism. Our Intellectual Property Practice Group is the leader in setting new precedents in various recent copyright disputes, including a transmission fee dispute between terrestrial broadcasting and SO and a dispute regarding illegal infringement of websites for the compensation of damages. In addition, our Intellectual Property Practice Group led the market in providing reliable opinions to domestic and foreign major intellectual property (IP) or media content companies in the implementation of new business models. Our Intellectual Property Practice Group maintains a balanced perspective with an in-depth understanding of amendments to and the application of the Copyright Act based on our experience in representing the government in various administrative lawsuits such as disputes on the unconstitutionality of the Copyright Act.

Key Services

Shin & Kim provides services in the following areas in relation to copyrights and entertainment:

  • Litigation on copyright infringement
  • Litigation on the unconstitutionality of the Copyright Act
  • Mediation of copyright transactions and various disputes related thereto
  • Execution of copyright contracts (transfer contracts and usage permission contracts)
  • Disputes relating to trust organization
  • Disputes in connection with registration of copyright
  • Contracts and disputes regarding celebrities and athletes
  • Contracts and disputes in the media content industry, including broadcasting, music, film and performing arts
  • Seven consecutive successful lawsuits on dramatic works plagiarism
  • Two consecutive successful lawsuits on music works plagiarism
  • Copyright litigation on transmission fees between terrestrial broadcasting stations and SO
  • Copyright litigation on illegal link sites
  • Copyright disputes against foreign corporations in the US and Japan in connection with online games and mobile games
  • Disputes regarding exclusive contracts, including an injunction action involving the K-pop idol group TVXQ
  • Disputes involving the selection of athletes for Korean National Sports Teams
  • Overseas publication contracts of various TV dramas including “You Who Came From the Stars”
  • Contracts and disputes in relation to various TV broadcasting rights of Major League sports
  • Contracts and Disputes related to the entertainment industry such as advertisement contracts, appearance contracts and writer contracts
  • Contracts and disputes related to overseas and domestic performances by artists
  • Civil and criminal claims for defamation on social media
  • Privacy for celebrities
Awards and Rankings
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  • Tier 1 Law Firm in Intellectual Property
    Asia Pacific Legal500 2015-2018,2021-2022
  • Tier 1 Law Firm in Copyrights/Trademarks
    Asia Legal Business (ALB), 2017, 2020-2021