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Mr. Jin-Gu Moon is a partner in the IP Practice Group at Shin & Kim. His main practice areas include litigation and advisory services in IP, trade secrets, product liability, media, entertainment, and sports.

Mr. Moon has handled various copyright cases such as disputes over royalty for musical works and over retransmission of terrestrial broadcasts, and is providing litigation and advisory services on various copyrighted works including movies, dramas, musicals, animations, novels, webtoons, photos, games and computer programs. Mr. Moon has also performed a broad range of research projects related to copyrights, which include, inter alia, a research project on standard contacts in the field of art, a research project on the export of copyrights to Southeast Asia, and a research project on standard business regulations for copyright agency business.

Mr. Moon also has extensive experience with legal cases in the fields of media, entertainment, and sports. He has managed a number of litigation and advisory cases on exclusive management contracts, appearance contracts and advertisement model contracts of singers, actors and actresses, sport players, sports players, creators, Youtubers and influencers as well as litigation and advisory cases on writing contracts of novelists and drama writers, and has provided advice, including responses to the press, in cases involving celebrities and well-known individuals. Mr. Moon has also an in-depth understanding in the sport industries and laws as he has performed research projects on standard contracts for professional sports players.

  • 2017University of California, Berkeley School of Law (LL.M.)
  • 2006Seoul National University, College of Law (LL.B.)
Professional Career
  • 2011-PresentShin & Kim LLC
  • 2009-2011Judical Research & Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea
Bar Admissions
  • 2011Korea
  • Korean Bar Association

Korean, English

Professional Activities

Recent Experience
Copyrights, Publicity Rights
  • Claim for performance royalty for a musical “Gwang-Hwa-Mun Love Song” between CJ E&M and KOMCA
  • Claim for performance royalty for a movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” between CJ CGV and KOMCA
  • Preliminary injunction on copyright infringement between a terrestrial broadcaster and an OTT
  • Dispute over re-transmission of terrestrial broadcasts between a terrestrial broadcaster and a system operator
  • Dispute over music copyright royalty between a terrestrial broadcaster and KOMCA
  • Dispute over in-store music services
  • Copyright infringement of a web-based novel “An Omniscient Reader's Point of View”
  • Dispute over copyright infringement of the broadcasting format of “Miss Trot” by TV Chosun
  • Copyright infringement of a photo between a photographer and Korean Air
  • Copyright infringement of a warehouse management program between Samsung SDS and Infor (US)
  • Preliminary injunction on the production and broadcasting of a TV drama “The Face of King”
  • Infringement of the publishing right of a TV drama “A Handsome Guy”
  • Confirmation of the joint copyright of a sculpture work
  • Dispute over the license of a game “The Legend of Mir” in China
  • Case of suing users and distributors of a hacking program for a game “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds”
  • Criminal case of copyright infringement of TOEIC problems
  • Preliminary injunction on the use of names between a game company and a professional baseball player
  • Research project on the standard contract form in art (Korean Arts Management Service)
  • Research project on the export of copyrights to Southeast Asia (Korea Copyright Commission)
  • Research project on the standard business regulations and standard contract form for the copyright agency brokerage business (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)
  • Other various advisory services related to copyrights and publicity rights, including the drafting of agreements
Media, Entertainment
  • Dispute over an exclusive writing contract between SBS and Eun-Hee Kim, a drama writer
  • Dispute over a writing contract between Channel A and a drama writer
  • Dispute over an exclusive management contract with a management agency and a celebrity
  • Dispute over an advertisement model contract among a celebrity, management agency and an advertiser
  • Advisement to and representation of celebrities, Youtubers, creators and influencers in various civil and criminal proceedings
  • Research project on the standard contract form for professional sport players (Korea Professional Sports Association)
  • Confirmation of invalidation of a disciplinary action against a national luge player
  • Dispute over a management contract between a management agency and a professional golf player
  • Dispute over trademarks between Kumho Industrial and Kumho Petrochemical
  • Advisement on trademark royalty to Asiana Airline
  • Advisement on the management of the “Hyundai” trademark to the Hyundai Group
  • Handling of litigation cases and advisement on various trademarks including “Samdasu”, “Tongin”, “Mindeule Yeongto”, “Samsung Pharm”, “Daenggimeori”, “Autobacks7”, “RENE FURTERER”, “FURMINATOR”, and Yeongon Outdoor’s “McMurdo”
Trade Secrets
  • Criminal case of the infringement of the trade secrets of Ssangyong Motor Company
  • Criminal case of the infringement of the trade secrets of SK Hynix
Product Liability
  • Product liability litigation between KT&G and National Health Insurance Service
  • Advisement on the certification of amendments to safety confirmation reporting under the Electrical Appliances and Consumer Products Safety Control Act and the Special Act on the Safety of Children’s Products
  • Advisement on a recall order under the Framework Act on the Safety of Products
Speaking Engagements
  • “Introduction to Fair Use under Copyright Law” YouTube lecture (Born2Global Center)
  • “Visual Arts Agency” training course lecture (Korea Arts Management Service)
  • “Support Program for Students for Full-time Dedicated Writers” (Korea Arts Management Service)
  • “IP Competency Improvement Seminar for 2019” lecture (Shin & Kim LLC)
  • Legal advisor to MBC’s News Desk
Professional Accolades
  • "Leading Lawyer" for Intellectual Property, Legal Times, 2019

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