South East Asia



The Vietnam and Southeast Asia Practice Group is comprised of experts with extensive experience in representing domestic and foreign clients in a wide range of investment and development transactions across a variety of industries in the region, including Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. The Experts in the Vietnam and Southeast Asia Practice Group in both the Seoul and Vietnam offices offer unparalleled services to their clients. Experts in the Vietnam office handle Korea-Vietnam related client matters efficiently, effectively and accurately, drawing from years of experience in prestigious law firms both inside and outside of Korea. Over the years, Shin & Kim has developed close relationships with local law firms in Southeast Asia. These relationships have allowed the Vietnam and Southeast Asia Practice Group at Shin & Kim to utilize the special expertise, know-how and relationships that these local law firms have with their communities. In addition, with a deep understanding of local cultures and business practices, the Vietnam and Southeast Asia Practice Group is able to meet the various needs of its clients seeking to do business in the region.

Key Services

Shin & Kim’s Vietnam and Southeast Asia Practice Group offers services in the following areas:

  • Investment in Vietnamese and Southeast Asian businesses by Korean companies
  • Legal issues related to business operations, including HR/labor and business transactions, for Korean companies that have entered local markets 
  • Investment or development of real estate in Vietnam and Southeast Asia by Korean companies
  • Investment in the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian financial industries by Korean companies
  • Dispute resolution for Korean companies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia
  • Investment in Korea by Vietnamese and Southeast Asian companies 
  • Company C, in acquiring a Vietnamese logistics company (in progress)
  • Hwaseung Group, on matters regarding its affiliated company in Vietnam
  • Mart L, on matters regarding its local entity in Vietnam
  • Group L, on real estate development in Vietnam
  • Securities Company M, on real estate development and financial investment in Vietnam
  • A Korean pharmaceutical company, on investment in Vietnam and the operation of its local corporation
  • Pharmaceutical Company J, in litigation in Korean courts in a case regarding its business in Vietnam
  • An educational foundation, on matters regarding its local entity in Vietnam
  • The Gangwon Provincial Office, on the establishment of a representative office in Vietnam
  • Companies I and V, on dispute resolution in Vietnam
  • Company L, on the issuance of prepaid cards in Korea
  • Companies K, L and G, on Vietnamese labor law
  • A Group S affiliated company, on its entry into the Vietnamese market